External Hard Drive Cyclic Redundancy Error

I have been having some problems with one of my external hard drives for a few months. The sometimes when I would try to open some of the files on the hard drive it would give me an error. Yesterday, the hard drive seems to be really screwed up. When I try to access the drive in My Computer in XP it asks me if I want to format the hard drive. In Disk Management in Computer Management it says that the File System is RAW. It should be NTFS. It says that all of the space is available but there would be at least 250GB worth of files stored on there. Sometimes if I try to access the properties of the hard drive it gives me a Cyclic Redundancy Error. I tried using a different USB cable and tried to see if the HD would work when I dual booted into Vista. It also asked me to formate the HD. Is there any way I can get this fixed or any way I can recover any files? Thank you.
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  1. A CRC error means the data can't be reliably read; if you have been having problems for some time I'd say that either the drive is dieing, or hasn't been stored properly.

    Something like Norton Disk Doctor *might* be able to recover the data, but will probably take a long time doing it.
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