Which Blu-Ray DVD-ROM Ripper works well in Linux?

I'm looking to start ripping Blu-ray disks and need a Blu-Ray ROM that works well in linux. I will be using the DVDFab HD trial edition.

This is the one i'm looking at:


What do you guys think? Any place, I can get a drive cheaper than a hundred bucks? Anyone, try ripping blu-ray in linux? :sol:
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  1. AFIK Any-DVD only runs on Windows.
    Blue-Ray support in Linux is dependant on the distribution you intend to use, and (due to DRM issues) on you level of technical knowledge.
  2. MrLinux said:
    AFIK Any-DVD only runs on Windows.

    I meant DVDFab. Right now I'm running DVDFab thru wine on linux and it works great. I haven't tried the HD version yet, tho.
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