AMD LE-1640... Any benchmarks for this CPU?

I know single core is dead but I remember when an FX-55 was pretty good and this should be as good or better. I want to build a budget box that can run DX9 games at 1680 x 1050 with a good bit of eye candy turned on. I really don't want to overclock so I'm thinking this must be one of the best gaming CPUs around for the price. Paired with an upper mid-range last generation card (maybe a 1950PRO) this thing should rock! I've had trouble finding any benchmarks for it though. It hasn't been out long and I guess a lot of sites don't even bother to bench single-core chips anymore. Can anybody tell me anything about this chip?
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  1. I highly recommend against going for the FX-55. You can see:

    that my E2180 @3.2Ghz pwns even the E6700(at stock) and the CPU costs only $75-90. I realize that you don't want to OC but OCing is the best option for you since you are on a budget, and looks like you need a new system. Also See:
    for more info on the LE-16x0
  2. even without OC, i would go for a cheap dual core...
  3. It is simply the fastest single core CPU in the market.It performs like a 4500 in single-core apps while performs like a 2140 in dual core apps.
  4. Quote:
    I highly recommend against going for the FX-55.

    He's not trying to get an FX-55. He's asking about the LE-1640.
  5. ^Why did you re open this thread?
  6. Quote:
    ^Why did you re open this thread?

    Just noticed the gap in the dates between the post prior to mine and the one before it. Sorry about that. Not sure why the poster before me reopened it. At least he answered the OP's question though.
  7. Quote:
    I know single core is dead but I remember when an FX-55 was pretty good and this should be as good or better.

    LE-1640 has a MC of 2.6ghz, same as FX-55, with brand name "Athlon 64"as same. But it also have advantage: low watt. so who have this LE1640 can easily overclock to a slight-higher clock (e.g. 2.8~3.0ghz >=FX-57, which is the most xpensive single-core for desktop PC), or even higher(at which may perform over E6800???).

    So Mister, you have just purchased a $900 FX-57 for $50, at a DISCOUNT of 94%
  8. I just built a system using the LE-1640 as the CPU. I used a Foxconn A74MX-K motherboard, G-Skill 800 mhz memory(1.8-1.9V) and Seagate 250G Barracuda 3.0Gb/s Sata drive. The temperature core reader on the CPU was broken. In Vista 64, I got Windows experience scores of 4.3 for CPU, 5.9 for memory, 3.7 for graphics, 3.1 for gaming graphics (onboard), 5.9 for hard drive. I built a similar system with the 1.8G Intel 430 single core and the CPU got a Vista score of 4.1. Both processors can be had now for $40 or less, the motherboards are around $50 and the memory prices for 4G are around $40 or less. The hard drive is around $50. The video playback with the LE-1640 was a little better, but the onboard graphics only has an RBG output. I set the memory used by the onboard graphics to be 256M. The idle power for this system is around 50 to 55W and full power is about 80W (not scientifically measured). As someone mentioned, the E2180 Intel chip is dual core, about $70 as of this writing and pretty decent. A dual core AMD chip near the same frequency as the LE-1640 is not that much more money and is probably your best bet. - GreyFox
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