Striker Extreme + Q6600 @ 3GHz ????

I'm overclocking a Q6600 G0 to 3GHz on an Asus Striker Extreme board, but I have some problems.
So if there is anyone who has the same mobo and cpu and who was able to get it to 3GHz or higher without errors, please let something hear. I would be very pleased if you could give me your voltage settings or any other information.

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  1. Where do you get errors & what errors? If for example orthos errors out real quick, your vcore may need to be a bit higher.
  2. Winrar benchmark and when unpacking winrar archives.
    The PC also crashes in a bluescreen from time to time.
  3. Boot memtest up for 5-8 passes:
  4. Allright, I will run memtest during the night. What do you recommend: the normal, classic memtest86 or memtest86+ ?
  5. I ran memtest for 15 passes, no errors found.
  6. Use the one I linked. Then your ram checked out. It could be softwrae. We could waste months thinking it's hardware.

    Write this to a disk, boot it up, do CPU Tests, Mersenne Prime Test overnight:
  7. Have you tried Prime95?

    If your CPU is unstable Prime95 will pick it up easily, either with an error or a BSOD. With my 680i I am very aware of Prime95s ability to detect unstable overclocks...
  8. auscanzukus said:
    Use the one I linked. Then your ram checked out. It could be softwrae. We could waste months thinking it's hardware.

    Write this to a disk, boot it up, do CPU Tests, Mersenne Prime Test overnight:

    Nice tool. I didn't know that one yet. But when it comes to the cpu tests, I have already run Prime95 in windows for a whole night and it didn't come up with errors. This is a very strange case of instability I'm facing. You know I already mentioned the winrar errors, well that's what I'm using as a test right now. I'm sure that if I can get those errors away, my system will be very stable.
    However I'm starting to think more and more it has to do with the chipset temps. I have a 680i and it's known these can run very hot. For the oc I have installed a TRUE and this ones fan is pointed towards the back of the case, so it isn't blowing air on mobo's heatsinks like a conventional intel cooler does. So if anybody knows an efficient way to get your chipset temps down without installing a third party chipset cooling, please help. I'd like to use the standard heatsinks on my mobo (and there are a whole lot of them so I think they're capable of getting it cool enough)
  9. You can replace the TIM on the chipset. I suspect your mosfets overheat when errors occur. The mosfets are under top/rear & right heatsinks. About the size of an icon in the lower-right corner of Windows. MX-2 is the one I use. Non-conductive. Don't apply conductive TIM on mosfets.

    The other cheap way is blow a table fan on the open case.
  10. Thanks for the reply auscanzukus, but I'm not an expert on hardware terms. Do you mean the north- and southbridge when you're talking about mosfets.

    I suppose you have replaced the TIM. What temp drops have you experienced?

    I had an 680i not long ago, the MCP/NB/SB temps were over 70C on stock cooling. And going up. Replacing the TIM cut temps down by 5C+.

    Mosfets are between the cpu & I/O plate.

    The larger black boxes are PWM. Mosfets are the tiny flat things behind them:

  12. Striker Extreme + Q6600 going at 1333FSB ~ 3GHz (between 58-62°C on full load) - added another fan to Zallman copper heat-sink

    took me 2days to get it to be stable!

    BIOS 1301!
    none of the others worked for me, no matter what voltages i tried with 1333FSB
    (had a problem degrading to 1301, i've been on 1801, but it is good only for 45nm proces and doesn't do anything on Q6600, but make it less overclockable.)
    when i forced the awdflash to flash back to 1305 (before i knew 1301 was better), i destroyed my BIOS and luckily Striker has a failsafe bootup POST flash, so i could use the ORIG CD of MOBO to restore my BIOS back to the version that was on CD (0906) so flashing then to 1301 was simple, because it was an updated firware compared to 0906. (i always use EZFlash)

    put VCORE +.1 ~ 1.35
    memory ~ 1.85 (lowered from 2.1, cause i don't need - most striker BIOSes usually just cap it at 2.14V)
    VHT +.1 ~ 1.3
    NB +.1 ~ 1.3
    SB +.1 ~ 1.6
    VTT +.1 ~ 1.3

    as u see i've raised all the voltages a bit (+.1) NB especially, because i have all 4 DIMMs full.. 2x2GB Geil 5-5-5-18 + 2x2GB Corsair 4-4-4-12 on 2.1V, but im using them UNLIKED on 800 / 5-5-5-18 with memory on 1.85V (over/undervoltage) to cool it a bit, because with 5-5-5-18 u can use 1.8V (the lower specified by the DDRII).
    what i recomend is that u try raising these voltages with your proc on def (1066FSB*9) and then always check it out in BIOS
    under hardware monitor/voltages, to see if they have rissen accordinglly and if they are somewhat stable (they don't jump up/down for more than let's say .05V).
    BTW... disable all spread spectrums and special abilities (SpeedStep and such) i've left only the execute disable bit
    If everything OK, try raising FSB to 1200 (2.70GHz) if stable go forth and try 1266 and then finally 1333.. check temperatures regularry and do all this in BIOS, just to see if there are any anomalies.. because u see, u can spot an unstable system early in BIOS if u know what to look for.. and voltage ups/downs are definitely one of the things to be aware of.
    If this works, Windows is your next stop and CPUZ, to check if memory is DUAL, ratio mem/fsb and if FSB is ok.
    CoreTemp to follow the temps. of cores.. G0 goes to MAX 72°C
    PCProbeII for monitoring the voltages and simple temperatures in your box.
    (using PCProbeII i've seen some Voltage instabilities when trying to get a stable rig and it always crashed if there was one Warning about the voltages going of charts - it happened when the setup wasn't ok - I remember VHT going crazy for a tenth of a sec or so when it was on DEF 1.2V - too low i guess.. fixed it by raising it to 1.3V which is normal considering the BUS speed now.. from 266-333)

    That's about what i've done to make it work.. hope it helps.


    How To Re-Apply Thermal Compound On NB / SB and Voltage Regulators
    This helps me use less VCore to get my q6600 @ 3.6GHz
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