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i have recently built a system for a friend with a 4gb memory kit but windows is only detecting 2gb of the ram and some help would be great.

the motherboard is a gigabyte gag31ms2l and its running the intel q6600 processor.
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  1. Are you running windows XP/Vista 32bit?

    If yes, then it's explaining why you got 2.x GB under windows. It should around 3GB.

    If not, then post again with some more details on your config ..
  2. it is running windows xp
    but i belive that the bios is also only detecting 2 gb aswell.
  3. Try reseating the memory.
  4. yeah, i hate installing RAM, I can never get it in right, and then my system makes weird noises and crashes. It always seems like when you're putting them in, you are going to break something (at least with my mobo) Make sure you have them in all the way.
  5. I had a Motherboard (A8N-SLI Deluxe) detect 2x the installed memory before. A BIOS update did the trick in that case.
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