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I have an Sapphire 1950 Pro 512MB AGP card w/Accelero X2 cooler on it in my system. I had it overclocked to
610/1440 for a long time, which is ok for the gpu and pretty good for the memory from what I understand of these cards (stock is 580/1400).
Anyway, I couldn't leave well enough alone, I wanted to try to up the core clock more, so I brought both back to stock and started using ATI tray tools to up the clock and test for artifacts. For the core, I got up as high as 640 before I'd lock up, so I figure if run at 620 I should be ok (have to test that more though).
But the real problem - now, no matter what I do, I can't get the memory to go over 1404 (yes, thats a -four-, I didn't have a fit of dyslexia). I tried keeping the core at stock and just tweaking the memory but as soon as I go just slightly over stock speeds on it, it now locks up the system.
I'm perplexed - I used to have it at 1440 and now just a hair over stock and it locks up system. Anybody have any thoughts on what the issue could be? Its not a heat issue as I've looked at gpu and vrm temps and they're fine. I was going to try to up the voltage on the agp port, but I wasn't sure if that would make any diff for the memory or not. Any thoughts?

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  1. Are you using the same program for overclocking that you used to achieve those speeds? I'd try using Rivatuner, I couldn't overclock my 2900Pro for crap with ATITray tools, but Rivatuner allowed me to go a good amount beyond XT speeds with only a 6-pin adapter.
  2. Have you tried adjusting voltages for the memory and core?
    It can be done from ATItool's settings.

    Anyway, give Rivatuner a try as the above poster suggested. Might give you better results

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