Resetting issues - Could it be CPU related?

I bought a Q6600 a couple weeks ago, and since I've installed it I have been experiencing random resets on my computer. At first, it would happen frequently, typically when I had CoD4 up or sometimes when I was encoding video all night, I would look at it in the morning and it had reset. There haven't been any error messages or blue screens to tell me what kind of error might be causing this.

I am overclocking to 3.6 Ghz. I have tried various voltages to increase stability and have even used voltages above 1.5 to see if this would fix the problem. I've also tried downclocking it to around 3-3.2 Ghz but have still experienced resets at this lower frequency and lower voltages. The temps have been fine and I don't think I've seen it above 50 C even under load.

Normally I would attribute these type of symptoms to a PSU but since the problem started occuring since I bought the CPU I figured it might be CPU related. Since I started having the problem I've changed memory and formatted, putting a fresh install of XP SP2 on. I formatted and upped the voltage some more on the CPU about a week ago and since then hadn't experienced any resets but also hadn't been using my computer as frequently. Tonight it reset twice while playing Warcraft III with very little running in the background.

Here's what I've got in the machine:

Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi
Q6600 G0 stepping
Zalman 9500 cooler
Corsair Balistix 4 x 1 Gig
eVGA 8800 GT Superclocked (not overclocking beyond what it came)
5 HDs
WD Raptor 2 x 36Gb 10,000 RPM
Samsung 750 Gb 7200 RPM
WD 250 Gb 7200 RPM
External WD 320 GB HD 7200 RPM
Antec 900 case
Corsair 620HX

I also thought of the possibility that I could be overloading my PSU as it is 620 watts. However, I've heard of people running SLI setups on the 620HX so I didn't think this could be the issue. The PSU should be enough to handle my setup. The PSU is less than six months old so there hasn't been a lot of capacitor aging.

I'm considering exchanging the CPU since I'm still within the 30 day exchange period but it seems so rare that the CPU is the problem. Did I maybe just get a bad one that has less overclocking potential or that is less stable even at high voltages than other G0 steppings? It seems odd that I would have a G0 stepping that can't even run at 3 Ghz stable. This also makes it difficult to troubleshoot as I've been able to run for days without problems but then tonight it reset twice so I really am baffled as to what could be causing this.

Anyone have any similar experienced or any advice before I exchange the CPU?
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  1. Try running everything at stock, and see if it still resets. I'm suspecting that its your overclocking that's causing you the headache. Sometimes voltage bumping is not enough for a stable OC. You also need to tweak other components of the computer to get it.
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