Short Version: Which one of these kits from Newegg can I use for my ScytheZipang on a P5W DH?
If none of them are compatible, can someone suggest a smaller northbridge cooler that I could use(preferably without sacrificing cooling performance) to make it easy to install the Zipang?Thanks.

Long Version:
Okay, so I bought a ScytheZipang( ) CPU cooler a few weeks ago and installed it on my P5W DH deluxe (775LGA).

This installation was a real pain. I kept booting my machine only to find out that it wasn't properly seated(which the outrageous idle temps indicated). I had to remove my mobo and repeat the reseating process several times(consuming a number of hours) before I was able to get it right. The problem is the bad combination of Intel's pushpin design, the northbridge cooler getting in the way and the gianormous size of the Zipang heatsink. I can't eliminate the last one(I do like the Zipang) but I could do something about one or both of the other two.

In the next week or so, I'm planning on upgrading this mobo's processor and really don't want to go through this hassle again. That's why I figured I could just add an extra item or two to my cart that could help me out. Does anyone know if one of these would help?
If not, can someone suggest a smaller northbridge cooler that I could use(preferably without sacrificing cooling performance)? Thanks.

BTW: I know that Thermalright's kit works but it's always out of stock. :(
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  1. I own that board, I hate that board. After the southbridge went out, (the raid would not work) I sent it back for an RMA replacement. I took Asus 3 times to send me a board that would work. And that board has heat annealing on the copper covers of the north and south bridges.
    I bought a DFI to replace it the it's a much better board and the raid is faster also.

    That HSF looks like a nightmare to install. Plus all the reading I did says it not much better than the stock HSF.

    These are the 2 I recommend, the first I use extensively.
    Here's what you need to look for, Thermal Resistance measured in degrees Celsius/ Watt.
    The first unit has 0.17°C/Watt

    The second unit has 0.14 ℃/Watt

    Your unit does not have a listing for thermal resistance, it's like they are trying to hide something. might have your bracket.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions bobbknight :D
    I'd really like to keep my mobo and HSF so I went and ordered that thermalight kit from Their shipping seems to be cheaper than NewEgg for PO boxes so its great.

    Now I just hope this'll do it for me *crosses fingers*

    It seems my processor upgrade is going to be delayed since I haven't seen the August 10th price drop take any effect. Oh well, it'll give me time to test the kit out.
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