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Quirky laptops, with age.

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January 10, 2013 8:24:45 AM

Well I just had a nice battle with a Lenovo G555 laptop here.

Let me tell you it one of the strangest ones i have ever come across.
It was brought to me of a look at to diagnose the problem, fix it, just for a friend.

Anyway the first thing see if it powers, no problem there basic power.
1.Dvd rom drive good.
2.Hard disk drive good.
3.System power of cause good.
4.Add in cards/ wi-fi all good.
5. Memory checks out as good, tested in another laptop/ same as Hd for errors or dead drive.

6. No bios post at all, hum, Quick short of the bios battery, still nothing, Sigh at this point.

Anyway after a few days of not working, even checking the power block and the 12v power connection into the laptop, just to make sure nothing was wrong there. Still No joy. I thought its a dead duck!, give the bad news and nicely say sorry but you need a new one dear friend, the laptop has gone to circuit heaven in the sky sorry and all, my good friend.

Its been about, oh say four weeks now since this and three complete strip down`s of the whole laptop, to the point of just the main board with nothing connected.

Twiddling my thumbs last night I thought, one more go.

It is rare something beats me unless it is on fire, or looks like a bomb has blown it into a million bits.
super glue just does not work trying to fix a circuit board by gluing it together. Joke lol.

So I went for the last complete strip down.

Anyway I got down to the main board again, only time said to hell with it. took it out.
Took a trip to the kitchen, set the oven to 190 c, Laid the board on a wood cooking chopping block.
and rammed the darn thing in the oven for ten or so minuets.
Off with the oven to let the board cool without moving it for fifteen minuets.
re setting the bios on a complete cool down.

Not the best idea, I know. More often than not you can create more damage, but it was dead at that point.

Or so it would seem, so nothing would be lost.
So it got re built from the ground up, ground being the final word. Hint.
Well it worked, after that powering up, and posting, I can tell you there was a big grin on my face.
It even worked completely fine booted into windows, did all the test and came back A ok.

Remember the hint, ground. It turns out, belive it or not to be a problem with just one screw of all things, and it being the wrong length, and a small bit of cheap tape, masking tape by the look of it.
allowing the screw to touch the main board at a point causing some sort of freak shorting.

One of the oddest scenarios I have ever come across to this date fixing laptops or tower systems.
A bit of missing tape and a screw. what a story hey. anyway it works now every time. And obviously I told my friend and he said keep it, I bought a new one. I guess it true what they say try, try again if it does not work the first time.

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a b D Laptop
January 11, 2013 1:07:48 AM

Excellent/innovative solution! So long as it's dead, may as well break out all the stops to see what works.
February 24, 2013 8:53:11 PM

I spent a long year (extended warranty included) in battle with Lenovo over my mother's G555 intermittently not powering on - now it's finally consistently not powering on. Any help on which screw might be at fault?