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I can not select anything on my PC or use Task Manager. I hit a link on the web and a webpage became stuck on my screen and I can not close the browser and when I try to select desktop icons I just get a "beep". I can move my cursor and I can open Start Menu but can not select anything. The Task Manager will not open. Starting in Safe Mode does not improve anything, I still can't select any applications or Task Manager. How do I fix this? Can I fix this in Safe Mode with Command Prompt? If I could Restore my PC I thought I might be able to fix this but I can not select System Restore. Can I access System Restore with a Command Prompt? Or do I have to reinstall Windows XP? I tried to use Repair Windows with the XP CD but I do not know how to use the Command Prompt.

I have Spybot, Avast and Spywareblaster updated but these could not stop whatever happened to my PC.
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  1. Your Windows XP probably became corrupted over time due to whatever reason. Best thing to do now is a fresh install.
  2. Yes. Boot into safe mode with command prompt. At the command line, type:
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