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I discovered that my actual thermal grease its actually a total crap, i read in the especs that its thermal transfer its of 0.92 w/m.k (silicone 340, from drow corning) then i compared with the artic silver 5 and it has a 8.7 w/m.k then i rushed to order one but i wont have it untill thuesday, my procesor idles at 34-37c my room its kinda warm when the air conditioner its off.

how much can i expect my temperature to drop using artic silver 5.

btw im using Qx9650 at stock speed, with a ThermalTake V1.

Would i be able to Overclock when i apply the articl silver 5?

thx in advance :hello:
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  1. You won't notice much of a drop, may be 1-5C.
  2. i would be happy if it drop 5c less, but relally mya ctual thermal grease its a total crap only 0.92 while artic silver has 8.7 i think im hopping it to fall even more than 5c, what do u think =/
  3. The biggest difference will be seen at high thermal loads like when your CPU is overclocked and at full load. At stock speeds and at idle you likely won't see more than a 2 degree difference.
  4. ic i didnt know that, i tought the temperature was going to fall a lot while iddle well it ill be great anyways
  5. You will see a 1C or 2C difference... But after 2 or 3 weeks, the grease will set up and drop temps another degree or so.

    - Witt
  6. yeah as 5 recommends 200 hours on and off for it to have optimum performance
  7. not much of a drop apart from 1-3C.
  8. kk the thuesday we all gonna know, when i get it ima create a thread with the results b4 and after the AS5.

    and if i remmeber ima post the results, 2 weeks after too, shuting down the computer by nights.
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