zalman 9700 working?

I have a zalman 9700 on a q9450, and my tems are 37 idle, 47 load. Im wondering if its working ok, because its very cool to the touch and sometimes under full load my proc will get to 59 or 58...just looking for some help.
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  1. Those temps are fairly norm. I am running the same HSF on my QX6850 and those are the temps that I am getting or pretty close.
  2. Sounds like respectable temperatures to me...

    In another post, I referred you to a conversation I've been having on overclocking at q9450...

    I'll post that link again cuz I have detailed temperatures listed there...

    As you can see, my load temps are a little higher than yours. This is because I've overclocked my chip to that 400MHz X 8 that you are thinking about.

    My idle temps are a little lower than yours because I have lapped my chip. (Sanded the heat spreader on my CPU chip)

    - Witt
  3. rapigan

    Your temperatures are well within Intel's Thermal Specifications for your Q9450.

    From the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide -

    Section 6: Scale

    Scale 2: Quad
    Q9x50: Tcase Max 71c, Stepping C1, TDP 95W, Idle 16W
    Q9300: Tcase Max 71c, Stepping M1, TDP 95W, Idle 16W
    Q6x00: Tcase Max 71c, Stepping G0, TDP 95W, Idle 16W

    --70--/--75--75--75--75-- Hot
    --65--/--70--70--70--70-- Warm
    --60--/--65--65--65--65-- Safe
    --25--/--30--30--30--30-- Cool

    Tcase = CPU temperature
    Tjunction = Core temperatures

    Remember that when listing temperatures, since there are 101 variables, it's helpful to include ambient temperature, as well as Vcore, clock speed, fan speeds, whether you're testing with case covers installed or removed, which utility you're using to provide a load, and which utility you're using to read the temperatures.

    Comp :sol:
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