Please recommend a good external RAID system

Hi, I am looking for a good external RAID 1 drive (not NAS)... possibly with eSata. Can someone recommend a good reliable brand... because I was reading about Cavalry/LaCie and people their RAID card isn't very reliable. Is Buffalo good? I am looking for about 1TB storage and can spend between $200 to $500. Thanks!
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    Seems worth serious consideration. The price is great for 5 drive and eSATA support and the few reviews it's gotten all seem rather positive. To add a couple 1TB drives to it would run you another $200 but you'd have the ability to add 3 more drives in the future.
    Has more reviews, again all rather positive. It's also about $30 cheaper. However it only supports up to 3TB rather then 5TB and 4 drives rather then 5.

    AMS seems to be the chief supplier of DAS eSATA RAID enclosures.
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