I think I made some sort of mistake using Malwarebytes

i was following the steps from a thread that was a easy guide to removing malware

okay so i did a full scan, and made sure my computer was in safe mode. after it was over i came up with like 193 threats. so i didn't know what to do with them. so i was looking around for familiar buttons and saw delete all, and delete (single) i figured they were bad. so i clicked delete all. and now i think the program is preventing me from going on the internet and going on other things as well. and i was following a thread on tomshardware saying to use this program and then use this other program called Combofix so i installed that program and ran it and i let it run because i was watching a movie while this was going on. so i went back upstairs to check on it and the Combofix wasn't there. and i tried looking for it in my start menu but no luck unless it was under a company name.

I'm wondering is this problem I am having that is making me unable to go back on the internet in safe mode from MalwareBytes or Combofix? i have a txt log for both malware and combofix but i dont know how to undo the change if i can.
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  1. Can u post the log files?

    Whats the problem now?
  2. i dont know to be honest but it got rid of the virus. because after messing with some things i gave up thought about restarting it in normal mode. i did, and it worked but it restored my pc, im not sure what program it was that restored it because i used combofix and it looked like a command prompt came up and said "searching for a restore point"i came back upstairs after some time gave up on messing with buttons on malware to get it back how it was. restarted comp started up normal as usual just restored my PC. only did steps 1-2. fyi

  3. I think what nikor was asking is what is actually still wrong with the system after everything you've done. Use your Windows key and R together to bring up the Open box and in it, type combofix /uninstall (including the space) then hit Enter.

    Open MBAM and click on Logs then copy and paste them back here.

    If you can't get online or are seeing Limited or no Connectivity on your wireless adapter, you haven't finished yet.

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