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I just got a new cd / dvd sata drive today and poped it in. (I dont nor have i ever had anything sata plugged into this comp before.) So the drive detected just fine and did its lil install deal. After that it works fine, it reads disk just fine. Only prob is now the "Safly Remove hardware" icon is at the bottom of my screen asking me if i wana remove this drive. I do not wana remove the drive, i have make the icon go away. Not too sure why its asking me this. This is a desktop PC not a laptop.
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  1. prolly has to do with the fact that its a sata drive. The safely remove hardware icon is typically used for hot swapping sata hard drives.

    Yeah, its annoying but I have several computers asking me if I'd like to remove some hardware. Like my thumb drives. just ignore it, it isn't doing any harm other than a bit of annoying notification.
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