New 1TB drive question.

I just bought a 1TB hdd to add to my already existing 160gb, and my question is, do i take any profit by leaving the OS installed on the 160gb (which is sataII) while using the 1tb drive for games and docs etc?
I mean will i gain any boost in speed when for example the OS needs to read something from itself while running a game on a separate drive (1tb) that reads a lot of its code or textures etc? That way the needle wont need to be jumping from one section to another since we're talking about separate hard drives here, or is my logic faulty in some way?

Side note: so happy i was when i installed my new 1tb harddrive and connected to the internet and i saw that a 2tb one was already released -_-

Oh the irony of computer technology.
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  1. Nothing that you'll notice out side of specific hard drive benchmarking applications. You may have a tiny, ittsy bittsy gain by installing your OS on the 1TB as the first thing on it since it will be on the outer edge of the platter where the speed is greatest and the 1TB platter is much denser then the 160GB so the read/write arm will be able to get to the OS on the 1TB a few milliseconds faster. But like I said... nothing that your likely to notice.
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