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Hello, I made a few threads during the week. Basically, I had trouble installed an E8400 w/ a Gigabyte board, I picke up an Asus recommended by a member on the forums. It worked great at first, gave me a message stating new CPU installed, allowed me to go to BIOS etc.

Noobishly I didn't set my CD drive as my primary boot up and I just connected my old Hard drive (It is not reformatted yet) and the thing is, it basically started booting up like my old PC as if I have never touched it (Probably w/ my old CPU etc. settings, didn't have a chance to reformat it).

I got up to the main window screen, it kept asking me to register windows, then....I heard a really weird noise from my Hdrive, like a can stuck in the wheel of a bike. My PC shut off, I turned it back on, it kept doing the same thing over and over till it eventually started shutting off after every second I turned it on.

I had to reset CMOS, hoping my CPU wasn't the problem. Disconnected my Hdrive and everything it stable @ BIOS.

Question now is: Should I try to set my CD drive as my primary and boot up, pop in my system restore disc and basically? Or was this event a sign that my Hard drive won't work for some reason? (Even though it was working 30 mins ago on my old PC), or was this just simply a problem because my old CPU information on my hdrive+new one clashed.

Thanks (Sorry for the long post)
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  1. Update: Once I connect the hard drive to my mobo, I get no video.
  2. From the description of the sound, your HDD is hosed. Get another, install it, and boot to install windows. (it will ask to boot from CD as there is no OS on the new HDD) But the good thing is the rest of the build looks safe.
  3. Just seems like a coincidence to me, that your hard drive died as you moved it to the new machine. I bet if you plug the hdd into your old machine it will do the same thing. Any sort of clunking, scratching noise from the hdd means death.
  4. As a word of warning, stay away from Maxtor (they are cheap for a reason) get a nice WD, or Seagate.
  5. Plugged in my Hdrive into my old system, still works. Not sure what's happening w/ my new system though, once I put it in, I lose all video signal now. Could it be a driver issue or something?

    I am about to follow this guide:


    hope it works =/
  6. The old hard drive has the old MB/system drivers on it. That's why you get a blank screen when the OS tries to load the OS from the hard drive. You can try a 'repair' install from the xp cd. In BIOS, set the fist boot device to DVD and insert the cd. Save and exit. Boot to the CD and at the second console try a repair install. A successful repair install will basically take you back to what is on the Windows CD. Boot to the repaired HD and try to get to the windows desktop. If so, install the new MB system drives from the MB CD. I did this recently and was sucessful, but I wish I had just reformatted the harddrive and did a fresh install of windows.
  7. I followed the guide, but it kept restarting windows as if it were faulty. A windows XP would have been nice in order to restore it, but I only have a Gateway system restore disc (my original PC from which I am utilizing the harddrive from). Not sure if buying another copy of XP is worth it though, really sucks because I have my own serial key that my old PC brung.
  8. OEM (Gateway) OS is not legal to use on a new system, only legal on the Gateway PC!
    What spec new system? Give make/model of PSU plus CPU and graphics card.

  9. E8400/8800 GTS/Gamextream 700w

    Gateway actually helped me activate windows XP, I basically followed the guide, cleared my old drivers and re-activated windows...The thing is, about 10 mins into finally getting into windows, I had a blue screen of death pop out (memory dump) and my system won't show me any video and it will shut off in 30 secs (Yay another CMOS reset).
  10. Good for Gateway, but Micro$oft will still say that it's an illegal copy!

  11. Why hasn't anyone pointed out to him that using a Windows installation from another computer into a different system is a big mistake? Come on guys, all these replies. Maybe I just skipped over it, but everyone here should know that using a Windows install from a different system is exactly a BIG MISTAKE. Even if get Windows running properly, you'll have other issues with new hardware drivers and overall performance.

    Zhadows, the best solution is to hook up your hard drive to your old computer and back up any important data that you need. Then, hook it up to your new system, do a format, and reinstall Windows. I'm pretty sure if you just boot up with your Windows disc, it should give you a choice to repair your installation as well as do a new one. Just do a new one. Windows will tell you an installation already exists on your partition and give you the option to do a quick format. Seriously, I installed Vista on my E8400 w/2GB 667MHz DDR2 and the whole reinstallation process took not even 15min.
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