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Ok so is this thing really that quiet or is it just a gimmick? I had a rosewill 550w that was dead quiet, but with this new psu I am hearing a low groan that gets worse or better depending on the angle you are listening from. I already RMA'd once with OCZ and I am trying to decide if I should again. Also do you guys think my old rosewill 550w (2 12v rails @ 18A a piece) could power a single 8800 GTX? I only have one optical drive, a hard drive, 2 80mm and 1 120mm fan, and a cpu cooler.
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  1. I've had the OCZ 700 for over a year now. The fan is definitely loud enough to hear but mine doesn't groan. It is just the typical loud whish of a fan. My next PSU will probably be a Corsair which is suppose to be dead quite.
  2. Ye it is definitely more than a whish, I think ill have to RMA again
  3. The fan speed depends on your system power load. so it will be louder for some and quieter for others....

    Most seasonic based PSU's (Corsair HX, most of Antec's current models ect)are quiet and highly efficient.
    My Antec Earthwatts unit is dead silent, but its only pushing 100watts(folding/music Athlon64 3200+ Geforce 4 4200+ 120 gig hard drive 1 gig of ram) so thats to be expected.

    That said my Q6600 + 8800GTX + 6 hard drives ect(see config) only takes 330 from the wall when folding and gaming together....gets up to 350-380 with ati tool(harder then any game) and burning/defraging 2 drives

    Your 550 should run it, but rosewill is not known for quality(but i am sure some time people just overload it too much or have bad power and no conditioning). Don't bet of 18 per rail....since both rails have a combined max(it should be listed on the unit)...
  4. OCZ GameXstream 700w gets noisy enough so that I can't sleep with the pc on. I never had a low groan noise emitting out of mine so probably yours is defective.
  5. I have had mine for about a year and my AC7 fan is louder then my PSU. So, yeah, its pretty quiet.
  6. A low grown could be a resonance(vibration of the case psu combination) sound too.....I think its just the way the psu is. But as said the Corsair 520/620HX may be what you are looking for.

    @ TSIMonster
    You can make your AC7 silent just by dropping 300-600 rpms depending on your taste with less then 1 c of difference. :)
  7. Mine is pretty quiet. I get more noise from the video card and other case fans than the OCZ.
  8. nukemaster said:
    A low grown could be a resonance(vibration of the case psu combination) sound too.....I think its just the way the psu is. But as said the Corsair 520/620HX may be what you are looking for.

    @ TSIMonster
    You can make your AC7 silent just by dropping 300-600 rpms depending on your taste with less then 1 c of difference. :)

    I may have said it wrong, but my AC7 is pretty dang quiet. My E4600 is overclocked pretty dern good on it too (3.6Ghz) But you are right, it gets a good bit quieter from lowering the RPMs, but my case does a decent job of keeping the noise inside.
  9. what case?
    I found it to be loud when compared to a Sonata II with Yate loon 120mm low speed fans.i just added a fan mate since my mb waited to long for my comfort to speed it up at load(mid 60's but i want heat out fast since its a low flow case, but the MB q-fan did make it quiet).

  10. I don't think they make my case anymore. Its an AMS G-Mono, good case.

    Anyway, to OP, if you are really concerned, send it in for a refund and try one of the corsair PSUs, I heard that they were whisper quiet.
  11. like nukemaster said it depends on the load of your system, but the only thing is that is a PSU swap. So same components that the 550w was pushing, but much more noise with the OCZ 700w
  12. The OCZ ones used high rpm yate loons as far as I knew, i know mine does. Rated at something like 40DBA on max.

    Fan speed depends on your power load. This is why im going with a gigabyte one. The ton of cooling I have in my case means mines always a lot quieter so I dont need the fan at high RPMs, it doesnt know that though. But with the gigabyte, when im sleeping I will be able to turn it down to silent.

    Which is great as every compnent in my comptuer aside from PSU fan is 100% inaudible.
  13. The fanspeed is actually thermally controlled so it depending on ambient temperature, airflow, etc, and load. I believe it was mis-reported by a couple of OCZ guys (I recall a retraction on ncix forums and a couple other places). Its noticeable, but I wouldn't call it "loud".

    I replaced the stock fan with a Nexus 120mm and hardwired it to the 12V line since I was adding a 5VSB line for front display anyways.

    I would wager that your old PSU would be fine for stock speeds.
  14. I know that the fan speed does depend on load and temp. but it just seems odd to me that a Rosewill with the fan set to auto has little noise(and only can match the noise on the OCZ when it is switched to high) on the same exact load that a OCZ decides to run the fan up full blast. I can hear a whoosh of air from the rosewill if I get close, but the other fans I have are louder. It is nothing like the low groan I get from the OCZ which accounts for most of the noise. Hopefully the RMA will solve it and the third one will work correctly
  15. Well its possible that the rosewill has bigger heat sinks(or is just allowed to run hotter). What model is it? 80mm or 120mm fan? 120mm fans do sacrifice some space for the fan. FSP(who makes the psu in question.) did not use an elaborate heatsink system like lets say Seasonic(the makers of many Antec and Corsair units). As more air flow may be needed.... just a guess

    Typical Seasonic PSU(more heatsinks = less noise at least in this case)

    FSP 700 watt psu(same psu....but it does use a different fan[ADDA with no led's])
  16. That is not something I knew nukemaster, thank you for the insight. Both the Rosewill that I have and the OCZ that is RMA'd both have 120mm fans, which caused much of my concern because I assumed that the fan noise would be similar....Rosewill is the RP550 model
  17. There are not reviews with pictures....so how much heatsink is there inside that thing, can you get a picture?

    One thing I will say is that the OCZ 700 pumps out cool air(for me at lease).....so i am sure the fan could have been run slower. Maybe they wanted it to move more air to help cool the system and keep it more stable. My old Antec's pump out hot(but not allot) or air, but they are quiet.... its a trade off you have to make....some cases use the psu as the main route for air.
  18. The Rosewill is tier5 junk, I wouldn't use it for any benchmark including noise. There was just a thread about how a Rosewill died and took the mobo with it. Use Rosewill PSUs at your peril.
  19. Ye I have heard that about rosewills as well, which is why I am going for the the OCZ. On a positive note though I do show pretty good voltages through my bios, which should hold me off until the RMA gets back
  20. when a psu makes an unathorized noise i usually get out my trusty phillips screwdriver and tighten things down,like when i bought an enermax psu and had to refit the case right out of the box as one side was not properly inserted in the base,,sometimes you get lucky..:>)
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