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Hi There,

I'm about to upgrade my HDD in my XPS M1530. Was tossing up between a Western Digital Scorpio Black 320GB, or a Seagate 7200.3.

But then I saw the Seagate 500GB 7200.4.

Does anybody own this HDD yet? I'm hoping Tom's Hardware does a review on it ASAP. I want my new HDD.. but I want to see a review on this drive.

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  1. I'd go with the WD Scorpio, as it is much faster than either Seagate option.
  2. IH8U said:
    I'd go with the WD Scorpio, as it is much faster than either Seagate option.

    Oh really? I was of the opinion from Tomshardware review, that the 7200.3 and the WD Scorpio were neck and neck in terms of speed, but the 7200.3 won for better power management. When you say much faster, how much faster is that?
  3. The 7200.4 is the single fastest notebook hard drive on the market today.

    Of course, by "on the market," I mean that you can preorder it - it isn't shipping until the end of February IIRC. Still, it will flatten the Scorpio. As you said, the 7200.3 and Scorpio were neck and neck, and the 7200.4 is a full generation newer than the .3, with several improvements.
  4. Excellent thanks for that reply cjl. I hope to get one on my hands in the near future. Has anyone heard any rumours about WD or another competitor releasing a HDD to rival the 7200.4?
  5. I haven't heard anything, but I would bet that WD will have something out around the same time period (end of February or so).
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