Freezing at XP loading screen (fresh)

I have been google'ing this for the past few days, and not a single one of those help threads actually solves the issue.

My 2nd PC needed a fresh format, so that's what i did. Tried XP Pro and all worked fine till after the installation. Upon first boot, it freezes at the loading bar for XP. Tried absolutely everything including leaving it unplugged overnight, but still nothing.

Then decided to put on XP Home. After installation, the exact same thing happens. I can get into safe mode, i can install all the drivers in safe mode, but it simply freezes at the XP loading bar. Also none of the OS installations have had any issues or errors while installing.

Both OS's are from a legitimate hologram'd Windows DVD - NOT burnt.
All drivers are installed
All drivers are updated
The BIOS has been updated
CHKDSK says everything is fine
Have re-installed both OS's multiple times
Have removed all other un-needed peripherals
There is nothing enabled on startup
Have checked to ensure all Hardware IS working (it was working perfectly fine 2 days ago, it was just time to format).

Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P
2x1GB Corsair DDR2
Asus 8800GT
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  1. Does Event Viewer have any errors in its logs?
  2. allangallop said:
    Does Event Viewer have any errors in its logs?

    There is no event viewer when Windows won't start.
  3. Use a different video card. Don't use anything that is USB.
    Disable on-board sound, Strip machine down to barebones.
    It's a great motherboard, but windows is stumbling on something, obviously not software.

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