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So I have had my computer for about 6 months, specs are below, and the past couple weeks I have been getting random "Disk Failed to Write" errors from a random assortment of programs and files. Sometimes its at startup, a few minutes after startup or just after a couple hours. Sometimes I wont get it for awhile, days. Whenever I get it I generally have to restart the computer or if it persists I switch the SATA port that its in, from like 1 to 2 and so on. This will work for a couple of hours or a couple of days. I also get some BSOD but I cant catch the error reports in time to see what it says. So what do you think? HDD dieing? Motherboard finicking? Thanks for your help.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
Nvidia GeFore 9800 GTX
BioStar TP43D2-A7
Corsair Ram 4 GB 800
HDD Western Digital ATA SATA II 500 GB
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  1. Hm, replace the SATA cable and let it go for a while. Usually if a disk has a bad sector, it'll show up every time when you do certain things such as booting up. If it's random, then it could be just a cable, but I still wouldn't rule out the HDD. After you replace the cable, run a surface scan of the disk just in case. It's a Western Digital, so you can download a nice utility from the WD site to diagnose and test your drive. I recommend it over the Windows utilities.
  2. Thanks! I had no spares so I switched it with my CD-ROM SATA cord, hope my CD-ROM doesnt mind :D . So far seems pretty stable and I did a quick scan with the WD utility, passed. I'll try a extended scan tonight. Thanks again.
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