No options in nvidia driver after 90.xx

Hello guys, here's my system :

Asus A8N SLi premium
AMD 64bit dualcore 4200+
2gig DDR
280 gig Maxtor hard drive
7900GTX x 2
Tagan 700watt sli comlient PSU

I used the 93.71 drivers for ages and decided to try the newer ones however after install them I get the message that says my rig is SLi capable, click here to enable it. But when I do there is no option. Not only that there are no options to change AA or anything else. So far I've tried 163.75 and 169.21. I decided not to use SLI in wow any more so I thought that if I disabled one card I might get the options for AA then, but still nothing.

The cards are seated correctly with the bridge, and I always use drivercleaner when i install new drivers. Am i just being thick and have missed something :(

Im still using the 93.71 drivers as SLi still works in it.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. anyone plz?
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