Want to OC to 3.2-3.6 Ghz

So i just got a new comp, have ran it for about 3 days and i want to start to OC my CPU. My system specs are:

Intel Quad Core Q9450
8GB of OCZ memory DDR2 1066 mhz
ASUS Rampage Formula x48 motherboard
Xigmatech HDT-S1283 with retention bracket
Artic Silver 5 thermal compound
Visiontek 4870
Antec 900 case

I had to RMA my CPU and MB because when i got it, i tried to OC it right away, and just upped the FSB to 400 mhz, without changing my vcore or anything, and when i got to windows it said my cpu was still at the stock Ghz rating, but when i was looking at my temps, they were around 70-80 degree Celsius, but now they are usually around 30-45 Celsius usually hovering around 40 for at least two cores. When OC'ing, with the mb i have, does anyone know some good settings to get to around 3.2-3.4 Ghz, and how much my temps would most likely increase?
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  1. OC in little increments, for example take it up 100 mhz or so at a time, so OC to 2.8ghz, then 2.9, then 3.0, etc. At each step run prime 95 for about 30 min. If it crashes within the first 10 minutes, you need to give it a little extra voltage. The voltage you want to start out at would be your chip's VID, which can be found by running core temp or real temp. When I add voltage, I usually do about +.05V.
    As for settings, you would want 400mhz x 8 = 3.2ghz. You might need to add a little voltage, thats why i recommend going in steps. Also, leave your RAM @ 1:1 (400mhz) until you find your CPU OC to be stable. Then take your RAM back up to stock.
    I have my Q6600 up at 3.2ghz, running the following settings:
    CPU: 400mhz x 8, 1.35V
    RAM: 400mhz (1:1) = DDR2 800, 4-4-4-10 2.1V
    FSB: 400mhz x 4 = 1600mhz FSB

    It runs at 35C idle, barely breaks 50C under load. Same cooler as yours, AC MX-2 thermal compound, 8gb OCZ reaper 800mhz cas 4, P45 mobo, antec 900, PC P&C silencer 610W.

    Good luck with your Q9450!
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