Time to Upgrade? Low 3DMark Scores

For some reason and i suspect my Graphics card but i get some low 3DMark Scores with the current setup i have:

E6600 @3.2 Gigz on Air
BFG 7950GT
2 Gigs Corsair XMS 6400
Asus P5B Deluxe
2 Seagate 320 Gig HDD's in Raid 0
Windows XP Pro 32Bit

Should i be getting a higher score than between 6600 and 6900?

If So What is my Bottleneck?
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  1. At 2ghz or above with 2+ cores, the bottleneck of a gaming pc is usually the GPU. That is a last gen card. I'd upgrade that if I game on the pc. Wait for HD3870X2 & or 9800GX2 in Feb.
  2. u r not really bottelnecked. i mean ur system looks alright. but of course, u can upgrade ur gpu for better performance pc.
  3. What drivers are you running, and have your benchmarks decreased over time?
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