Problems with RivaTuner + 8800GTS (512)

I find this problem odd because the 8800GT works great with RivaTuner but for some reason now that my GTS (512) is installed I cant get into any fan or overclocking controls.

I'm using V2.06 which I believe is the newest one. I thought it might be a driver issue so I even got driver cleaner pro, but still having the same problems.

I reinstalled RivaTuner and it says that my disply drivers are not supported. Should I go to a previous driver?
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  1. There is a fix for this. Lemme search the RivaTuner site and get back to you shortly.
  2. OK found it. Read the whole thread. there is more detail as you go.
  3. I really appreciate the help! Fixed it right up.
  4. yer welcome!
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