BFG 8800GT OC owners have a look.

Just wanted to mention to fellow BFG 8800GT owners to keep an eye on the OC sticker on your stock fan. Reports on newegg are that they fly off, with at least one person claiming it lodged in the fan and damaged the card. I know first hand that they do come off as when I pulled the cards to finally install the Zalman VF-900 cu coolers, one of my cards was now missing the BFG OC sticker exposing the Nvidia sticker below.


After 2 months:
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  1. Thanks for the Warning buddy!
  2. Thx, thought it was worth the warning. After seeing that, I would have peeled the other one if I was going to stick to the stock coolers. May not be a bad Idea for people as BFG's sticker over sticker solution isn't working. I never found my missing sticker, but I'd hate to have it lodged in the fan like the newegg claims.

    BTW, the VF900 CU coolers were worth putting on. Highest temps I have seen so far are 56 degrees under load, and that's using the fanmate tuned down a bit. The stock cooler would hit 92 degrees if I didn't control the fans myself, and even at 65% ran hotter and louder than the Zalmans.

  3. my sticker got sucked into the fan right after install.. returning tomorrow.
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