Why is my internet on iphone so slow?

I have pc with 30mb internet connection.I bought a router d-link di-524 i managed to connect and now i'm using wifi with notebook and IPhone.i've noticed that the internet on the notebook is great,but on IPhone is not stable.sometimes the connection is dropping and sometimes is slow.on cydia i have problem with some sources and on aol and other applications for radio on IPhone have problems,doesnt work at all.
how can i fix this?pls help
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  1. P.S. I've tried with other router and its ok.than i can say its from my router.but what will i do?
  2. is there anyone had this problem?pls help
    do i have to change MTU and what number?
    do i have to change the channel and what number?
    or something else?
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