8RDA3+PRO SPDIF problem

Does anyone know what the deal is with getting a 5.1 channel signal out thru my SPDIF optical interface??? All I manage to get is 2 channel stereo. This board is capable of outputting up to 8-channel audio, or so say the specs.

I 've tried to configure my SPDIF in the Realtek Sound Manager. The problem is that I get a different tab under SPDIF than the manual... i.e. i have NO "SPDIF-OUT" selections, ONLY SPDIF-IN!

Yes, I have my speaker config set to 6-channel (durrr).

I checked all jumper settings to make sure I din't need to reconfigure them to enable SPDIF-OUT.

I also tried the coaxial digital (orange RCA) audio output. I got NO sound using this method... not even stereo.

Right now i don't think too much of the "auto jack sensing" capability of this board.... doesn't seem to work worth a darn for the digital audio section... :fou:


Delivers 8 channel audio to bring you the latest in audio realism from DVD movies and games. Perfect for your home theater system.

On board SPDIF-out connector for quick connection to multi-channel speakers. Not only removes cable cluttering but also delivers loss-free digital audio to let you enjoy DVD movies and games with crystal clear sound.

btw: 8RDA3+PRO uses ALC850 w/AC '97 codec.
Nforce2 Ultra 400 northbridge and Gigabit MCP southbridge

edit to fix board model
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  1. Well I've found some info about this elsewhere... here's the link ICYI:


    Don't know if that's the case but if the SPDIF TOSLINK and Digital Coax are only good for pass-thru of pre-encoded signals then that's just bogus and queer imo.

    I guess i need to go out and buy a receiver that has discrete analog inputs in order to use this board the way I intend. grrrrrrrr...........

    Just inlude a chip to mix the channels for a digital stream!!1 (I guess the old MCP-T did this, yes???).
  2. see my reply in the sound card section
  3. gotcha. Thanks jay
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