A8NSLI-Deluxe Video Card upgrade?

I am not in a position like I had hoped to build a new system. I have already run Vista Ultimate on my system fine, but plan to pick up a new Video Card in the next month, insuring that I could transport it to a new Motherboard next year when I can build a new system. I initially planned to go with an 8800 GT 512M, then possibly 8800 GTS 512M, but am concerned that I may be better off waiting until the 9000 Series comes out for the best future compatibilty i.e. DX10.1. I mainly am Looking forward to seeing the eye candy of DX10 w/ Ultimate 32 Bit in Crysis ( which I am playing now fine on this system in DX9), CoD4, UT3, and possibly Supreme Commander. So is it realistically possible the 9000 Series will be out any time soon? If so, the 8800 GT/GTS counterpart would most likely be more $$'s, but will support DX10.1. Currently I get a 3dmark06 score of about 4700, fyi. Has anyone else documented there results in upgrading to a newer Vid card in what has already been called bottlenecked Chipset/CPU Combo?

Thanks in advance for your time : ) >

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A8NSLI-Deluxe|BFG 7800GTXOC 256M|4200+x2@2.42Ghz|4 X 512M DualChannel GeilDDR400|Acer AL2051W1680x1050
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  1. see my sig for system stats.

    My 3dmark06 is 9700 ish.

    I can play Crysis on High settings fairly well. COD4 maxed, except FFSA is onyl at 4x
  2. OK, so basically from a 7800 GTX OC to an 8800 GTS, slightly more then doubled. It would be interesting to see how a 3870 compares w/ the same NForce4 type chipset and similar Dual Core. Thanks!
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