Did I miscalculate system power needs?

I think might have picked up too small of a power supply here.

I'm seeing reports that the 3870X2 uses 300 to 400 watts.

Then for the motherboard and CPU it is another near 400 watts. (not using same CPU, but will be using same motherboard and Q9450 CPU)


Then I'm going to have several 120mm fans, fan controller, DVD/CD-RW, floppy, two PCI cards, and two PCIe 1x cards.

I went with the below power supply, but it seems I don't have enough, right?


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  1. You have WAY more power than you need.
    The corsair 510w would do you more than fine.

    The numbers you are reading for for the WHOLE computer with the Graphics card in it. Hence the term "Total System Power Consumption".
  2. I also forgot to add two or three hard-drives in raid 0.

    But thanks for pointing that out Zen. Looks like I didn't read it right.

    Just interested to know, would that power supply be enough for two 3870x2 plus the rest of the system I listed above (if I ever wanted)?
  3. It should be fine for it, even a 600W-650W high quality power supply could manage to run dual-3870X2s and a couple of drives in RAID.
  4. "Then for the motherboard and CPU it is another near 400 watts"

    lol.... what mobo and CPU draws that kinda power!!!
  5. maybe a server board with 2 prescott cored P-D based xenons, and a full array of FBDIMMs
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