Nvidia buys Ageia

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  1. interesting....
  2. You can say that again!
  3. Im suprised but happy.. Almost a year ago I read post by people from Intel and Nvidia, both saying that the physics can be just processed through the multiple cores, now they both have bought up the technologies..Very very interesting : )
  4. Could be a good buy. Can't hurt to have them under the nvidia banner.
  5. I'm not suprised. I was waiting on nVidia or AMD to buy them after Intel bought Havok.

    Gotta keep up with the Jones'
  6. what will we call a card that is a GPU and A PPU? I think it will be cool if they make som sort of combo card.
  7. majorpain1588 said:
    what will we call a card that is a GPU and A PPU? I think it will be cool if they make som sort of combo card.

    It's called a GPGPU - General Processing Graphics Processing Unit. It was what nVidia and ATi were working on with Havok when Intel bought Havok out and then cancelled their access to the Physics technology.
  8. Good, hoppefully nvidia can find a way to make use of the ageia ppu in conjunction with an nvidia card. Wouldnt hurt in games like crysis.
  9. Physics arent the problem in Crysis.
  10. I'd love to see some developments from this...

    my 680i boards got 2 PCIE 16x slots...one 8800gt now...second one coming down the pike...

    and one 8x slot....a standalone physics card would sure fit nicely there...doesn't make sense to own one now, but maybe nVidia will make something out of it.

    After all if anyone can steer the game developer market to utilize physics chips....it's nVidia
  11. It is if you try to blow up 5000 barrels, or you take out like a 300 trees crashing some jumbo jet in a mod.
  12. It's great news. Integrate it with nForce so even more people can take advantage of it.
  13. what nvidia needs to do is incorporate a physics chip into all of their video cards. that way more people will get one, and bit by bit, as all cards being used have a physics processor, game developers can start to incorporate the use of that chip better because they won't have to worry about some people not having one.
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