9800 GX2 and SLI Chipset

I have been waiting for a game like Crysis to give me a reason to upgrade from my Gefore 6800 Ultra 512. I now believe that that upgrade will be the 9800 GX2...hopefully. I use a Dell 24" WS Ultra Sharp and 512 just doesn't cut it on this monitor. All I need to know is will the 9800 GX2 operate without a SLI capable Mobo???? I have an Abit AA8XE with a 925X or 925XE chipset. The AIT X2 doesn't require one...
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  1. i dont think you need a sli board but im not positive. i would strongly recommend an sli board like the evga 780i board. just so you have the choice of upgrading to sli if you want it
  2. simple answer: NO

    Its on one card so SLI is not required
  3. you will be fine, but you may want to be prepared for quad SLI.

    Also I believe to use the 9800x2 at full power you need PCI-e 2.0.
  4. I dont believe PCI-e 2.0 has been confirmed yet...the GTX barely uses PCI-e 1.1 so i doubt 2.0 is needed
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