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I am sending this message from a laptop not of issue.

I am trying to reinstall Xp home edition. My system was constantly returning "this tab has been restored and "windows has experienced a problem and needs to shut down" messsages. I couldn't open any applications. Rebooting didn't help. Restoring last good config. didn't help and restoring to an earlier date didn't work so I decided to reload from the original disk.

It isn't working. It goes through the Collecting Data, Dynamic Updating and Preparing Installation but dies on Installing Windows giving me the following error report:

Setup could not register the OLEcontrol C:\Windows\system 32\txflog.dll loadlibrary return error 126.
Setup could not register C:Windows\system 32\netman.dll LLRE 193(C1)
Setup could not register OLEControl c:\windows\system 32\netshell.dll LLRE 193(C1)
Setup library comsetup.dll could not be loaded or function OcEntry Error 7e
FATAL ERROR Setup was unable to initiate Network installation components Error Code 2

I am not technical to this level. Everytime I reboot or cancel the installation it restarts and doesn't allow me access to anything else.

Please help - there is a lot of info I need to access on this computer.

Thank You so much
John D'Elia
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  1. If you are re-loading XP and need to ge the original data, you may have an issue. Some methods of installing XP wipe your drive first (format it), did you see anything of that type happen?

    If you have files on the PC, you are better off taking it to a computer tech (or a computer savy friend) and having them take out the drive and backup your data somewhere else. I would not try to re-install Windows on this same drive if you want to make sure you data is safe. Then purchase a new drive (you can find them for around $50) and after getting Windows on that, restore your files.

    The errors could be coming either from a bad CD, an issue with BIOS settings (setting IDE operation type), or issues with the hard drive.
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