Asus Rampage Formula Release date?

Is there any word on Rampage Formula Release date?
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  1. I haven't heard about it. But what's up with ASUS's naming scheme?
  2. Found this :

    Looks like one hell of a beast. Wonder how much it will cost. I estimate $350.
  3. Shadow703793 said:
    I haven't heard about it. But what's up with ASUS's naming scheme?

    Classic Brand Naming. By giving their boards distinctive names instead of the usual jumble of letters and numbers that most board have they set themselves apart. The ease of which the product is recalled means that it is more likely recommend or picked up.

    A powerful name will also draw in a more casual buyer.

    GIGABYTE GA-EX38T-DQ6 versus ASUS MAXIMUS EXTREME, sure it is only a name but in a competitive market where a buyer only sees the name for a couple of seconds before he makes his first initial choice. That can be the difference between a sale and nothing.
  4. according to this site it's for sale the 28th in Europe.
  5. ... the price is 255euro.
  6. Ya, like most everything about this one and DFI’s landparty caught my eye too............
  7. Wonder why Europe gets first dibs; frustrating.
  8. Just got one from
  9. Am waiting this one
    X48 chipset
    Excellent OC
    What more ??
  10. Why doesn't Newegg have them?
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