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I've got a strange problem with my computer. Basically, if I have it on for like, 7-8 hours, it will start restarting itself continously. The only time that's different is if I'm playing Half-Life 2, when it will only take say, 2 or 3 hours for it to start restarting itself. I've been told this is probably to do with it over-heating. This seems to make sense because if I leave the cover off, it doesn't seem to be so prone to restarting.

So I downloaded a couple of programs to check the temperatures of stuff in my computer, and the results are kind of weird. On one of them, CPUID Hardware Monitor, all the temperatures are around 20-30 degrees C, apart from the HD temperature, which is like 30-35. However, if I start up a second temperature checker, Motherboard Monitor 5, it gives me a temperature of 127 for "winbond 2". So after doing that, if I then load up CPUID Hardware Monitor again, one of the temperatures in that will change to 128- but only after I run MBM 5 first!

I've been told 128 is ridiculously hot, if that is indeed an accurate reading. The strange thing is, though, I get that reading as soon as the computer is turned on, and it doesn't change at all, whatever I do with my computer- whereas all the other temperature readings do change a little every so often.

I've had my computer for like, 2 years, and the restarting problem has always been there. However apart from that, there don't seem to be any problems with it, so it is usable.

My system is as follows:

Athlon 64 2000.
Asrock K8 1689 Motherboard.
1.5 gb RAM.
Avanhard ATI Radeon 9550.
Excelstor 80gb HD.

I'm considering getting a new power supply or fan but it's not worth it unless I'm sure that's what's causing the problem (and they would fix it). I might as well just buy a new system instead if that's the case. Not that I want to because this PC is adequate for now. Still it'd be nice to get this problem fixed so I could play Half-Life 2 for longer etc.

So, anyone got any ideas as to how I can be sure what the problem is/ fix it?

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  1. Is this your MB:

    If it is.. wow, that's a first time for me seeing a MB with 2 different sockets (Socket 754/939) in a long while.

    Did your MB come with software utility to get the correct temps?

    The thing about MM5, you need to be sure you installed the right MB driver support for it to work properly. If you don't, you will get unexpected results, or unusual readings.

    Have you tried SpeedFan? That program usually has built in support, but you can find what it supports off the website. Again with Speedfan, it will show you what it sees, and you have to figure out what it sees. Like for example it will list Temp1 which could be the CPU or Chipset temp.

    You may just need to work on airflow for the PC case. Can you list/show what your case is?


    Also, have you cleaned the dust bunnies out or is your heat sink clean?
  2. No, my motherboard is this one:

    It didn't come with the software to get the temperatures, but I'm going to email Asrock about getting some that does. There's some stuff on their website (including an OC tuner thing) but I can't tell if it supports my mb.

    I tried Speedfan but my results were the same as MBM 5.

    As far as my case goes, I'm not sure. It doesn't seem cramped in there or anything. Besides most of the time I just leave the case cover off, and the problem still occurs.

    I cleaned the hell out of the heatsink/ fan just now. There was quite a lot of crap in there but it doesn't seem to have made much difference. My fan speed is like nearly 10 percent faster but even so the temperatures are all the same.

    To be honest I'm thinking those temperature readings are inaccurate because that 128 never varies at all. And also, if it were over-heating, why would it start to crash even when I'm not doing anything strenuous with it? Even if I just leave it on playing music it'll crash after 7-8 hours. It's weird.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.
  3. My dad did have an XP 2100+. I'm guessing you have a 754 socket XP 2000+. Also the case my dad had it in, was aweful. It is using a gigabyte MB, and was reaching temps of 60C idle. That was a good indication something was up.

    Anywhoo... I did clean out the HS (almost look like it was growing a beard), and notice some drop but not enough to coupe when it was under full load. I ended up getting him a HS replacement, adding an exhaust rear fan, and leaving the side panel off. That help it quite abit. It went from 58-60C idle to 38-40C idle.

    If your really happy with it for now, to spend the least, perhaps look for another HS, and take a good look on how you can improve the airflow.

    You can just leave it in the bios and see what the health monitor reports from there, if your not sure what your idle temps are. Keep in mind when your in the bios, it will put a slight load on the CPU, so the temps will be reading higher there, then they would be in windows, since windows has the power managment helping to keep it somewhat cooler.



    Since it seems your in the UK, can't really recommend any HS. As long as it 754 compatible, it should do better then the stock.

    However I did fine one that I use on my old P4 3ghz:

    ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU 120mm 2 Ball Cooling Fa

    And it says it will work on the 754 socket, for an example.
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