xfx 8800 gtx extreme edition v xfx 8800 gts 512 (g92) -which is best?

So I have 2 cards that I can put in my PC and am trying to decide which card I will put in my PC:
1) a xfx 8800 gtx extreme edition; and
2) xfx 8800 gts 512 (g92)

I am thinking of keeping the xfx 8800 gts 512 (g92) and upgrading my motherboard (from the asus p5b-e to a 780i board such as the asus p5n-t) and buying another one of these cards and running them in SLI - I understand this would be a wicked setup.

However, if I do this, presumably I'd have to also upgrade my PSU (from 650 watt). What power supply would I need to run this setup? I'm also running 4 GB of RAM, QX6700, 2 HDDS, 2 optical drives, 4 fans and 2 pci/pci-e x1 cards.

My alternative option is to keep the xfx 8800 gtx extreme edition and then get the 9800 GX2 when it comes out - and upgrade my power supply then. What power supply do you think I'd need to upgrade to in this scenario?

My initial favourite is keeping the xfx 8800 gts 512 (g92) because I understand that will run extremely well in SLI.
Additionally, before I get SLI I understand that the xfx 8800 gts 512 (g92) uses less power, produces less heat and as such is more efficient than the GTX.

Also, I understand that the GTS is pretty much equal to the GTX in performance. At least at the resolutions that I run the card at - I only have a 22 inch screen.

What do you guys think?
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  1. SLI performance is terrible (for now) I would keep the GTS 512 (the GTX is too much $ for a slight increase in FPS)
    So I reccomend waiting on the 9800, but this choice is ultimately up to you.
  2. Imo the G92 GTS is marginally better. All the 8800 cards have heat issues, for that matter i guess all cards do. But, i do know that GTX's get rather hot and with an XFX XXX edition with no fancy cooling it'd b a b!tch on warm days.
  3. you dont have to upgrade your PSU, 650watt is fine even for 2x8800 GTS, thats the beauty about the GTS 512, they dont consume lots of power and they run a bit cooler than other cards
  4. I'd get the G92, it's newer and runs cooler.
  5. If you're going to upgrade to a newer card later on, might as well get the 8800GT... why waste precious $$ .... (the GTS offers very little increase in performance compared to the GT for a large price).

    On the other hand, if you already have the GTS and the GTX, keep the G92 GTS.
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