VPN Problem with Greenbow

Hi all,

ich desperately need your help!

I use a Zyxel firewall and The Greenbow on the clients. I've double-checked every value on the firewall and on the clients, it's everything ok. Sometimes I can connect - but most of the time I can't! I get the error:

ipsec_get_keystate: no keystate in ISAKMP SA

I've read the manual, I've searched the net, I've called my ISP, I've asked three IT experts... no one had an idea what is wrong.

Can you help me?


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  1. I do not know Zyxel firewall but I've worked with GreenBow client. Since this is old post, if you are still interested, let me know in this same thread. If you are, I need more info than just one error line
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