Need help with my Asus WiFi

Ok let me explain my problem..
I have recently moved from the UK to Portugal and until now have never needed a wireless adapter of any sort to connect to the internet.... but since moving i now need a wireless connection.
I have an ASUS motherboard (WiFi Deluxe) and it came with a wireless adapter, i had never used it before but i plugged it into the specially built socket in the back of my motherboard, installed the Asus WiFi software and it all worked from the word go !

One month later me and my father wanted to play some LAN games with each other on various games, (after attempting to use a network cable which failed) i decided to switch my Asus adapter onto "Access Mode", to my delight, it worked perfectly and we were able to have many games with each other.
Now today i switch my adapter to "Access Mode" so that we can have another LAN battle... and my pc detects my Access network, but this time it has "Limited connectivity", strange because the adapter IS in my pc; my fathers pc cannot even find it on the wireless networks. After banging my head on the wall for a while trying various settings i switch back to "Solo Mode" and decide to call it a day, only to find that my adapter can no longer pick up an internet connection !!!

I have reset the adapter, created new network connections, unplugged and replugged the adapter, restarted the pc countless times but to no avail. I know that the router is transmitting a signal because i am writing this message now on the laptop. But still my Asus WiFi adapter fails to even notice a signal ! I have not contacted Asus about this for 2 reasons,
1. i have heard that they have rubbish support
2. i have already found many many solutions to problems from this website :)

Can someone please please help me ! I am tearing my hair out !

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  1. Sorry guys, just turned my pc on again and for some reason its decided to pick up the internet this time.
    Cheers anyway, could someone please mark this topic as solved :)
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