Linksys wireless USB Adapter CD-ROM

I recently moved and just got internet and cable hooked up in my new place. I had to get wireless internet and already have a USB Adapter but have seemed to lost the CD-ROM driver for programing. Is there a place online where I can download this? It sucks I'm paying for internet but can't use it yet :(

Thank You All :)
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  1. Do you mean a cell modem USB adapter or a WiFi adapter? When you said "wireless internet" do you mean it's wireless inside your house, or wireless as in a cell phone type of service.

    For a cell modem, the 2 I know of are VZaccess from Verizon and Sprint Connection Manager for ahh.. Sprint.

    With this and any other looking for driver issue, search engines are your friend. Just type in your USB adapter model number with the word drivers after it, and pick a link.
  2. I guess my problem is I do not have my model number with me at work, so I'll have to get it when I get home and bring it with me to work tomorrow to look it up. Thank You!
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