Black Screen of Death. Is it Screen Saver?

Hi Guys,

I was downloading some torrent with which I left the computer itself for about 1 hour and then probably monitor went in to screen saver mode but somehow when I came back.

I tried moving the mouse hitting keys on keyboards it didn't come back to my desktop. All I see black screen.
Monitor light was on harddisk was working because I can see the network lights at the back too I assume mobo was doing his job too I guess.

Now is this a normal issue?

I have 8800GTS 512 mb Gigabyte card

PSU Corsair 620W

E8400 Cpu

Asus P5e

4GB Ram dual channel ddr800

Graphic card was 63 degree at the time

mobo was 40

cpu 32

it seems normal but I had to restart the pc to get on to the XP

I tried to check cables both ends are tied up properly so from that point we are fine I guess.

What could it be causeing this ...?
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  1. Check BIOS settings, should be something to allow mosue/keybd to "awaken" the computer.
  2. Standby mode?
  3. If it went to sleep you might have to press a key on keyboard to wake it up. Thats how mine is set up.
  4. I have an old PC that when I do anything HDD intensive by accident (swap file intensive?), it will take a long time -->Long time<-- like a half hour to come back to life, turn on and even then is very jerky.
  5. or press power again
    anyway I had a similar bug like this guy.. with a 2900XT
    with certain drivers, windows XP will just FREEZE after it shutdown the monitor,making it impossible to "recover" from sleep mode.
    so... had to hard-shutdown the computer with the power button.
    only way to fix that was to change drivers.
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