Looking For A Decent Heatsink That Isn't Too Large

Hey all, I'm a first time PC builder, and am looking for some advice. I'm searching for an aftermarket cooler for an e8500 chip (I hear that the stock heatsink sucks majorly). I don't want to have to wrestle to get it in there, nor have it butting up against other components and possibly damaging something. I have no intention to overclock, and want to keep it at decent temps when I game.

My case is an Antec 900, the motherboard is an ASUS P5Q deluxe, GPU is a diamond Radeon 4870 HD (I hear it's a monster for size, and am worried about it getting in the way of the heatsink, or the heatsink preventing me from running crossfire with another 4870 if I choose to in the future). My RAM is OCZ Flex XLC, as I hear some people have problems with this RAM set getting in the way of heatsinks.
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  1. Stick with the stock one.
  2. Definitely do not stick with the stock one. Get one with a back plate, no push pins. No HS should interfere with your video cards. The RAM you will have to verify. Here is a comparison list of heatsinks. I like the Ultra 120 Ex. but you probably don't need it. There are some more choices here. Remember only heatsinks with a backplate.
  3. Xigmatek with separate bolt-on back plate is a good one.

    Top 5 heatsinks:



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