Gigabyte P35-DS3L with 3 GB memory - possible?


I am a little bit confuced: I a buying a new mobo Gigabyte P35-DS3L, and i want to use kvista ultimate 32 bit wit e8200 core duo. I am planing heavy gaming so 2gb dual channel (2*1gb) will be ok, or go for 3 gb dual channel(2*1gb+2*512mb)
Will this twisted memory of 3 gb degrade in any way my setup (ex. lower stability, overclocability, higher timings for the moduel, lower memory transfer speed etc.)

Please reply cuz i have no experience regarding this kind of memory setup :o
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  1. You should be able to do 3gigs on it without any problems.

    But personally I prefer to use 2GB or 4GB, I don't like odd numbers :) Nah, it's just my superstitious :p lolz :D

    Well, seriously I don't see much benefit of 3GB over 2GB on gaming (at least up to current titles). And on the other hand the pricing of 2x512MB is not much differ to 2x1GB. So why not 4GB? Or get 2x2GB, so you can use the other 2 empty slot later on. I regret myself of getting 2x1GB instead of 2x2GB when I bought mine.
  2. The advantage of 3gb is that in 32bit Windows under normal conditions a process can use up to about 2gb of Memory.

    However, the OS itself will require it's own share, so if you get up to around 3gb, then you could help yourself out quite a bit.

    Of course, with the price of memory, I would just get the 4gb as well.
    Mind you, you will likely only see 3.2-3.6GB total.
  3. 2x1GB + 2x512MB should work, but with prices the way they are you should honestly just go ahead and get 2x2GB. When I had 4GB on Vista32 I still saw 3.5GB, so don't worry about that too much.
  4. I use 2 x 512 and 2 x 1024[DS3r]. As said however, for the price get your self a nice set of 2 x 2048 kit(4 gigs). it will work just fine. the 512's where just too cheap to say no to when i got them.
  5. I would go for 4GB as well. It probably won't cost more; might even cost less. You can get 4GB for less than 100$ and if you ever upgrade to 64 bits vista you will already have it (since 64 bits applications take more memory, it might be a good thing).
  6. Ok thank you for your replyes. Then I go for 4 gigs of memory. :))
  7. 2x1gb+2x512mb should be fine. It works for me fine enough. It would be wayy better if you were to buy just a 2x2GB set. It will give you plenty of upgrade room for later down the road... Also, if you still have windows XP laying around somewhere, I would stick with that instead of getting Vista Ultimate 32-bit. I would wait until a while when/if Vista Ultimate 64-bit is faster, and you will have more room to upgrade with RAM.
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