Is 43C idle/58C prime95 load on e8500 bad?

I have the E8500 overclocked to 3.8 with a vcore of 1.3125, I am using the Xigamatex HDT-S1283. Should I worry?
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  1. I was wondering if I should invest in this:
  2. That's an interesting question! technically, intel will warranty a chip if you run it at stock on 1.50 volts if that is its rated spec, because its the over clocking that voids the warranty.

    And if thats the case, then it should last over 3 years at 1.50 volts while on stock at the maximum heat in intel spec, 71ish c. So if the TCase is 71c, the cores must be hotter than that.

    So then you try to balance the fact that you are using less voltage than that, with the fact that you are using a higher speed, and well under that hot Tcase!

    My guess is that you are fine.

    Other than my guess, you'll have to place yours, hehe!

    I wouldn't mind knowing the way you placed the heat sink on the CPU, and what method you used for applying the paste, too... because it can prolly do better than that.

    If you are using the push pins, forget upper question, as they blow, totally. And will ruin your temps!


  3. Oopsie, better add that your max voltage becomes 1.3650 or whatever, I think, on a 45 NM chip. I am not sure if it's that or 1.400.
  4. Yer am i using push pins :D and the temps are the cores...
    so should i invest in the water cooling system listed above?
  5. If you have the money for such things, you might wanna investigate a bit more before getting a kit type, but thats great if you can get some water!

    But have you already tried to re align your cooler? You have to make sure the middle heat pipe is running down the cores, and you have to apply paste to just the heat pipes themselves. Three small thin lines down each heat pipe where it contacts the top of the processor. Non on the processor.

    And if you are half way smart, you can get 4 almost inch long screws and 4 matching small bolsts. Then snip off the push pins, and try and do it yourself. Just poke the screws through the holes and bolt down on other side of mobo. You should get good temps from that xiggy that way! (I hope!)

  6. Yah I made sure that it was aligned when I installed cause i took the mobo out.

    Also since the push pins are in a square which way should the heat pipes hit the processor up and down or side to side?
  7. That's how the paste should go.

    Thats how the middle heat pipe should go. Right along that line.

    Now if only you could find screws and small bolts as the retention.

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  9. Shawnhath said:
    I have the E8500 overclocked to 3.8 with a vcore of 1.3125, I am using the Xigamatex HDT-S1283. Should I worry?

    Those temps are fine.
  10. LOL, hehe, BTW, what he said is true. You don't have bad temps, because you never exceed 65-70c on the cores.

    They can just be a bit better.

    I think, since stock on your chip is 3.1xx, that over clock is minimal, so should produce minimal heat. (Then again, who knows if intel made em' hotter?)

    But it wouldn't hurt to try, would it?

  11. DISCLAIMER: Subject to Push Pin workage!



  12. I think what ill do is check to make sure the xiggy is aligned right later then I will go to Home Depot pick up some bolts and try to make me a homemade retention bracket. :D
  13. Thats what I did!

    They have two small sizes that should work great, sold in packs of 6. 6 screws and 6 matching small little bolts!

    No "bracket" needed. Your mobo has safe spots for bolts to be on the bottom through each screw hole. I did use washers myself, but they are not needed either!

    Good luck!

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