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I finished my build a few weeks ago, but I noticed my 8800GTX was running really hot (78 idle, 94 load). I decided to install an extra case fan into my Antec P182, and I went with the Thermaltake 120mm Thunderblade. Temps dropped, but this thing is loud! I wanted to know how I can get control of the fan speed in order to only have it on high during games.

I tried speedfan, but changing the % speed did nothing. I have the fan connected to my GA-P35-DS3L via a system fan connection on the mobo. Thanks for the help!
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  1. The current generation of GPUs run extremely hot, the temps you gave are actually commonplace. Your best bet is to get an aftermarket program such as RivaTuner that allows you to manually set your GPUs fan speed. Setting the fan on a constant 60 percent or so should cool you right down.
  2. fan controller

    Sunbeam Rheobus
  3. I used Nvidia's control panel to set the fan speed to 100%, and it definitely got a lot noisier... but the temps didn't really go down. After putting in the 120mm case fan, I noticed that while idle temps didn't decrease the load temps didn't reach 90.

    I guess I'll just use a fan controller to decrease the speed (and noise) while idle. Any recommendations for a fan controller that fits well in my case (no screws, it uses the sliding panels)? Also, are there extensions for the fan cables in case they do not reach the controller?
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