Can't add second HDD via SATA dell xps 410

Hello, my hdd has been popping like popcorn lately so I saved everything just in case. I bought a 500 Gig drive(wd500aaks)to replace my 250 gig that came with the computer. I can't get the damn thing working. Dell doesn't send the Vista install cd and they aren't really helping me get one. WD offers an install cd on their site however, it doesn't have a boot for vista. I emailed WD and they say that yes it will work with Vista.

Dell XPS 410, intel(r)core(TM)2 cpu, 6300@1.86 GHz 32 bit. Dimension DXP061

I've swapped and switched everything in bios that I can possibly figure. I'm willing to take all suggestions. Any ideas?
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  1. So what is the problem, your computer doesn't recognize your new drive or you don't have install disks for vista? Are you taking your old drive out or just adding this one as a D drive?
  2. Sorry, yes my computer won't recognize the new drive. I can't pick it up in bios or via disk mgmt>storage. Also, don't have disks. I"d like to ghost my old drive onto the new one. However, I can't seem to do that without a WD install disk which typically comes with the HDD.
  3. I believe you need to activate the applicable SATA port via BIOS. When I installed a second HDD, that cured the problem. Sort of, I say sort of because I don't know whether to set RAID/autodetect or stay with the BIOS default RAID ON setting; given the startup problems and messages, I'm leaning towards switching BIOS setting to RAID/autodetect.
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