Enclosure to work with ATA-6 drive

I have this hard drive just laying around not doing anything.

I thought it would be good to get an enclosure for it so I could back up some stuff from my other PCs. All the enclosures I find are either internally compatible with SATA or IDE. Does that even matter if I'm only going to use it externally through the USB port? Will any 2.5" enclosure work?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. that is a NOTEBOOK hdd. Just make sure it has the right connections but any 2.5 should work. If you plan on leaving it 'on' for extended periods of time one with a fan would be better, but my recommendation is to just turn it off when not needed/or in use :)
  2. "Just make sure it has the right connections"

    How do I do that? My hdd is ATA-6. Do I have to find an enclosure that is ATA-6 or will anything work? I can only find SATA or IDE enclosures.
  3. that drive will work with any IDE or PATA enclosure for 2.5inch drives. ATA-6 is a speed rating not a physical connection. ATA-6 uses the PATA/IDE connector
  4. ooooohhhh.... Got it.

    Thank you.
  5. If that drive is more than a couple years old, its probably not that reliable of a backup.
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