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Hey guys, i'm getting a new PC and was wondering if i could overclock the CPU (only) but without increasing the cooling system and power supply..
i have a core 2 quad q6600 at stock (2.4GHz, 1066, 8MB cache) and an Intel P35 motherboard..
and if yes, how do i do so ? thanks guys :) really appreciate ur replies
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  1. It is possible, but i wouldn't risk it with a quad. List system specs please. If it is an intel mobo made by intel, don't even expect to be able to overclock it. Also if it is made by dell, hp, etc they disable overclocking features.
  2. why wouldn't you risk it with a quad ? how about a core 2 duo ? my pc is gona be mainly used for gaming.. if not always :P lol hehe so dont know.. here are the specs
    it's an intel p35.. cuz i dont live in the states and here they only sell intel original stuff.. blah.. i wanted a gigabyte mobo.. oh well..
    Intel P35 motherboard
    Intel Q6600 CPU @ 2.4 GHz, etc..
    2 x 2GB DDR2 800 PC2 6400 OCZ Platinum RAM
    VisionTek Radeon HD4850 512mb GDDR3
    and now the "less important" things
    500GB @ 7200RPM 32mb cache SeaGate Barracuda
    DVD-R/RW Samsung
    Intel ENlight case
    3 80mm fans
    600W Raptox PSU
    now if i cant overclock, what stock CPU do you recommend me for gaming ?
  3. What's your currents temps on your processor??? If it in the mid 40s to low 50 you could go up a few 100 mhz without anything to worry about.
  4. i still didn't get the pc :S:S i was just wondering if i could overclock it.. because if not, then i'd get the next best 200$ stock gaming CPU .. :P wow that's a big name lol hehe
    is the E8400 overclockable more easily than the q6600 and with better results ?
  5. You could also try Both Decreasing your CPU Voltage Slightly While Still Trying to OC.

    I have Done this on a few processors.
    This will not give you MAX OC, but you can often OC w/o increasing Heat/Noise.
    (I have lots of systems in a small office so I like to maximize both performance while I minimize heat output.)
  6. yes evongugg i know i can overclock, but the question is can i overclock WITHOUT having to increase the power supply and the cooling system ? because i'm running on a budget, and if i increase any of those then i'll go overbudget :S:S yea that sucks :S
    yea.. what zenmaster said is what i need.. maximizing performance while minimizing heat output..
    so for gaming, with and withtout overclocking, E8400 or Q6600 ?
  7. I would still go with an aftermarket cpu cooler if you plan to overclock. Make sure the power supply is a high quality one, not some piece of garbage psu (watch the corsair video).
  8. the PSU is a RaptoxX RT600W.. the best of the professional series.. either that, or the exxtreme 620W.. but it's a RaptoxX brand..
  9. Your problem is that you have the Intel motherboard. Gigabyte, Asus, DFI, Abit, etc all usually have overclocking features still there. Intel usually removes the good ones. This is whats going to hold you back, not your C2Q or PSU.

    If you have to be stock, get an 8400 or something like that. A dual core 3GHz+ C2D based CPU should be more then enough for gaming for quite awhile.
  10. to be honest, i never heard of the raptoxX brand and according to reviews, it isn't as good as it is marketed. +1 for 4745454b intel motherboards can't overclock (with the except of bad axe and x48 boards) as the bios is locked (prevents overclocking).
  11. Do you have any of the links Shadow? I took a quick look online and couldn't find any RaptorxX reviews. What I did find leads me to believe they are popular in Eastern Europe, but I couldn't find squat on quality. I always like learning more about different brands. I once mouthed off about Tagen being poor, until someone showed me that are a good brand, just not popular in the US.
  12. i found the official website of raptoxx.. apparently it's german.. here it is if any of you guys wana check it out:
    i'm either getting the 600W professional or 620W exxtreme.. tell me what you think..
    cant i even overclock a little bit my C2Q with an intel p35 mobo ? how about a C2D E8400 ?
  13. With an Intel mobo alot of features are locked like everyone else has said. I have an E8400 on an ASUS Rampage Formula R.O.G. clocked it to 4.0Ghz but I took it up to 3.6 without moving the voltages at all, just moved the FSB frequency up to 400 and my temps were well within reason but i'm using a zeroTherm Nirvana 120 not a stock cooler. I'm very pleased with my E8400, most programs aren't optimized to use all 4 cores (q6600) anyway but the choice is yours
  14. If you are getting an actual Intel board, then you (probably) won't be able to overclock at all. Intel tends to limit the amount of overclocking options in the bios, forcing you to buy a faster chip if you want more speed. If you were buying an Asus P35, or an MSI P35, then you would probably be able to overclock a bit better.

    I don't read german, so I wouldn't find that site very useful. I did find one .com site in english, but I never trust a manufacturers website. I prefer to read about PSU from people who try to blow them up, not sell them.
  15. You are just going to have to download the software and give it a wirl. Don't hold your breath though. If you ram is fast enough your should be able to put it at 3ghz with no voltage increase, assuming your motherboard will let you.
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