8800gt 512mb in SLI VS. 9800GX2

Whats the performance difference between a 8800GT 512mb in SLI and a 9800GX2. I just want to know if I should start trying to sell my 8800gt or find another one.
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  1. Well last I heard the GX2 would be underclocked to 550mhz because of heat concerns. Do a search and you will probably find the links to the 9800 benchmarks and they are only marginally better than the 3870X2.

    If you can deal with heat concerns two 8800GTs should be faster, but the GX2 will have a lot of overclocking headroom because they come clocked way below their potential. Just do a little research.

    Rumor also has it that the 9800 could come out at the $600 price point held by the Ultra, but that doesnt make to much sense to me since the 3870x2 came out at $450 and is only only marginally slower.
  2. yeah, ill probably wait it out. I am gaming on a 40in at 1280x1080 on a single 8800gt 512mb. I think I am going to need another or 9800gx2 to run it on this clean as f***.
  3. are you really only running at 1280*1080? That's a little low to really reap the full benefits of SLI. I'd wait until a significantly more powerful single card comes out.
  4. I've read that the 9800GX2 should come out around the $450-550 range. It's going to use 250 watts or more and will make INSANE amounts of heat. It will have two 65nm chips, and "potentially" have 2Gigs of memory.

    So unless you have an ultra high res monitor, this card won't be worth the cost over something like the 3870x2 or a single 9800***. Just like the G80 Ultra is faster than the G80 GTX, but the Ultra isn't really worth the extra cost. By the time the 9800GX2 comes out the 3870x2 will probably drop in price and have much better drivers to boot.

    Sorry that all my info comes from Fudzilla, but it seems to have the most collected information on the card and it also seems to be backed up by other sites as well.

  5. dude im retarted, i meant 1920x1080.
  6. iancarnage said:
    whats the best res to run at on a 40'' 1080p LCD

    i think you meant you run 1920x1080?
    1280x1080 would look funny in a 16:9 aspect ratio..

    in that case you could see improvements with sli, i would say another 8800gt, the 9 series doesnt look to promising SO FAR, but who knows at this point..
  7. Actually, a 40'' LCD monitor would run on 2560 x 1600.

    SLIing the 8800GT is a good choice, better than selling it then buying a 9800GX2.
  8. Assuming you want to use a crappy nvidia board lol.

    Idk how well it will perform against 2x 8800GT's it depends on its specs, I know it has 128SP's for each core for one.
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