OC 8800gts with nTune or RivaTuner?

So which one should I be OCing with? I tried the Riva Tuner but for some reason my OCed actually went down in 3Dmark performance. Stock is 650, and I tried 680 and 690. Both performing lower. I actually set the clock to stock in RivaTuner and it performed lower. I uninstalled and it was back to the average around 19,100. I OCed with ntune only to 680 and it went up a bit. What gives? What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Read this guide and download the latest version of RIVA TUNER

    the guide :

  2. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but Ntune has caused me nothing but grief and pain on my 680i.
  3. This is the exact site I downloaded my version from and is the same 2.06.

    The other site really gave me a good way to set the fan duty cycle. Although I think I will modify it since they are using a GTX and at 100% my card sounds like it will take off. The OC profile might not be what I want to do though.

    Thanks again.
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