a wide screen to match my 1280x1024 lcd

hi guys not sure if this is the correct area to post a monitor question? any way i am currently dual screening a 1280x1024 lcd and a 1280x960 crt monitor. its a real pain with them not having the same vertical pixel amount as when im spanning programs like cinema 4d over both screens some information is hidden on the crt.

i am now looking to upgrade to a wide screen and use my philips 170b lcd (1280x1024) as the second screen in my new dual screen setup.

so my question is . . . is there a wide screen that has a vertical resolution of 1024 pix that will work well with my existing screen?

also what brand of certain model of screen gives the best picture quality in you opinion?

thanks everyone for reading and hopefully posting =0
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  1. Umm would a 1680x1050 work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009108

    It's a pretty damn nice monitor, I bought it for my Mom not too long ago and she's loving it. I've also used it for a little gaming when it was hooked up to my computer for testing purposes. For the price, you can't beat it.
  2. Prob check the egg as they have a good selection.

    AFAIK no WS will have that rez :/

    I have 4 Samsung lcd pannels right now, tv included, and i cant fault them. I have no plans for any more lcd's right now, but i will prob get another Samsung without even looking at anything else.
    I have used acer, sony, benq, lg also, so i aint no fanboy :p

    Ps. As for Indigo's suggestion, im using the 19" version (right now) and im getting some 'image persistence' problems... its kinda like image burn on a crt. Should be covered by warranty, so dont let it put you off too much.
    Also have a dead pixel on another acer at home, it jumps back to life for awhile if u rub it :D
    And of the 3 benq's ive owned 2 of them have died (under warranty).
    And my 40" Sony bravia lcd is a piece of shint.
  3. Lol it just sounds like you have bad luck with displays.
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